Mystery Dark atmosphere Lots of special effects

!!! This quest is only for participants aged 16 or above !!

Open on Fridays and Weekends

An evil demon is rampaging and haunting a peaceful village, abducting villagers and farmers and turning them into undead creatures and ghosts in inside his demonic kingdom. When the beautiful daughter of the village’s miller is abducted, the monks of a nearby monastry decide to take action and banish the demon. They must find the ancient book of spells to cast out the demon.

This adventure is First Escape's first Virtual Reality Escape Room, employing a unique new technology, where all participants fully control virtual avatars.Arms, legs and even finger movements are recognized by the system without the need of any handheld controllers.

Furthermore, players can freely move about the entire 70 sqaremeter game area and interact with each other. In contrast to other solutions, all walls, furniture, doors and objects exist in both virtual and real life and hence can be physically touched.

Players with little experience with VR may experience occasional motion sickness.

  • difficulty:  difficulty 2
  • 2-4 people
  • Max. duration: 45 min
  • Mostly playable without text/language – some few texts in English