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The current regulations (May 2022): • No more 3G/2G-checks. • contact tracing not necessary any more • Common areas of indoor events/culture/museums currently do NOT mandate any FFP2-masks.
You can book right here on www.firstescape.at – simply click on "Booking" in the navigation, select the number of players and your desired date. Our 4 quests will display all available time slots which you can add to your shopping cart.
After countless reservations, where teams did not show up, our management had to change things and we can now only accept bookings paid in advance. You can either complete your booking here on our website or come to our escape room to book your adventure at our cash desk.
Our webshop offers Paypal, direct transfer ("Sofortüberweisung") and credit card payments. If you come to our venue and place your booking here, we can accept ATM-card, cash or credit card. All paments must be made during booking, not on the date of your game.
Our adventures are playable in English or German. It would be best to confirm your preferred language upon your arrival- Prerecorded narration is either in English or German, while printed texts are bilingual. Our VR-adventure has little to no text, but what we do is in English only.
Our quests THE CASTLE and THE OPERA are suitable for younger audiences as well. We do observe, that from an age of 8 and above, kids tend to contribute well to solving the puzzles. But we do not apply any minimum age to joining in, as long as a caretaker over 18 is part of the team. For groups aged between 12 and 14, the cartetaker may also comfortably sit in our waiting area during the adventure. Guests from the age of 14 years can visit our quests completely by themselves. We do however note, that our quest HOTELROOM13 is scary and hence limited to audiences aged 16 and over.
We are sorry to hear that you can't make your appointment. If you inform us until at least 24 hours before your appointment, we will happily reschedule your appointment to another (available) time slot within the following 2 months free of charge. Should your notice reach us less than 24 hours before your appointment, 30% of the initial price of your booking will be charged for a rescheduling. Concellations/Refunds are not possible – as per our terms an conditions. No-shows also forfeit their right to claim any refunds or rescheduling.
Currently we offer the following types of gift vouchers: a 4-person voucher and a 6-person voucher for our regular 60-minute adventures and 4-person and a 6-person RAVEN vouchers, which cover extended duration quests (such as THE SUBWAY). These are "open gift vouchers" meaning: the person they are given to can redeem them for any of our quests on any day (as long as the slot is available) for up to 4 people (up to 6 people respectively). The price for the voucher also covers the premium preprinted paper envelope, a cardboard voucher, authentic custom wax seal, 8-page brochure as well as delivery fees. Should the booking be made for less people than stated on the voucher or a cheaper adventure, the difference is not refundable.
No price refunds can be made, unfortunately. Our gift vouchers are not vouchers of monetary value, but offer the relevant quest for any chosen time slot in any of our price categories.
Either of these vouchers can be redeemed in the following way: book a game for 2 people and if you hand in the physical voucher on the day of your adventure, up to an additional 2 people can play in that same group (likewise, you could book for 3 people but hand in the physical voucher on the date of your adventure and play for up to an additional 3 people at no extra charge). Only one voucher can be used per game. The maximum number of quest participants allowed may not be exceeded. Please note: the original voucher has to be surrendered to the reception on the day of your quest.
Thank you for purchasing a Jollydays voucher. We invite your to visit the "booking" section on our website to find a suitable (available) time slot for your adventure. Once you found a date/time, please let us know by email or phone (It would be helpful to tell us your Jollydays ticket number). We will complete your reservation for you.
The maximum number of players for each adventure is 6 people. However, 4-player groups will have the best experience – in terms of amount of puzzles per player and room setup.
Yes, you can. Should you have a 4-player booking – for instance – then just bring along a fifth player on the day, who can pay the regular additional-player-rate of 12,- Euro. The maximum number of players for each room should not be exceeded. Should you play with less people than initially booked and paid, then we can not refund any non-playing people, unfortunately.
Please arrive 5–10 minutes prior to your appointment, to ensure a timely operation. That way, we can have a punctual operator-introduction for all the groups, where we explain everything you need to know before entering your respective rooms.
We do not actually lock you up. Despite being an "Escape Room", your objective will not primarily be to escape, but rather to fulfill your mission in an interactive story. The entrance doors to each adventure are fire protection doors, which have no means to be locked. That way, you can always leave the adventure for any reason or in case of an emergence. Furthermore, our operators monitor the rooms by CCTV, making sure everything is in order. So, no need for any worries!
All entrances to our adventures are fitted with fire protection doors, that have no means to be locked. In case of a power cut a closed cirquit emergency light system will illuminate the rooms, all doors are unlocked and open in the direction of the escape routes. We have a range of fire extinguishers and escape route signs are illuminated and clearly marked. Our rooms and props have been constructed from certified materials and are flame retardant. An inspector of the municipal department for events and safety has approved our business location.
Our rooms are well suited for school classes and field trips. We synchronised the starting times for all adventures, so that the rooms can easily be started simultaneously. This creates a popular competition character, if groups want to race each other. Our classic escape rooms can fit up to 6 people each, the Virtual Reality quest DARK CHAPEL [VR] is for up to 4 players. Therefore, we can accommodate up to 22 people in one turn simultaneously. Please note that our quests HOTEL ROOM 13 and DARK CHAPEL [VR] are only suited for players aged 16 and over. If players are under 14 years of age, an adult caretaker has to be present – at least in the waiting area.
Our adventures are suitable for all sorts of team events. They help develop collaborative strategies and are ideal for team building exercises. The quest shows how teams perform under pressure and how they tackle problem solving. Of course, it's also buckets of fun.
This room is a creepy room in which horror elements such as loud noises, rapid changes of light and morbid decorations are used. Especially for younger players this can be a little too scary and overburden them, so this room is only playable from the age of 16 years.
First Escape is located in two historic underground vaulted basements underneath the old town. There i no lift or ramp and the toilet are located in the Second floor below ground. We are therefore not suitable for people in wheelchairs. We can place a chair into any quest to allow for seating breaks. Like in most Escape Rooms our riddles are designed to be loved using several senses. Therefore, people with sight or hearing impairments should be accompanied by player, who have these senses without restrictions.

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